Around this time last year, I set a goal to publish a blog once a month. That’s 12 blogs! I almost accomplished this goal. I published 11 blogs. The one month that I didn’t publish a blog was the month that I moved, which took a lot more time to move and get somewhat settled than I thought. Although, I wish that I accomplished my goal, I am okay with the fact that I published 11 out of 12 blogs. That’s the most blogs that I’ve ever published! In the past, I have set a goal to publish a blog regularly, but was never successful. I would usually publish about 2 or 3 blogs (and not consistently), then stopped. What was different about this year that “helped” me to be more successful? I was genuine in my writing. I wrote about things that I was genuinely interested in and passionate about, instead of writing about what I thought I was “supposed” to write about. I also participated in a mastermind class this year and am now participating in an advanced mastermind class. In addition to that, I’m a member of a few Facebook groups with other therapists doing big things! So, between the mastermind class and the Facebook groups, I felt that I had support, encouragement, and accountability. Not specifically for my blog, but overall and in general.

So, as the year comes to an end, and many people try to make changes or set goals that they want to accomplish for the new year, I encourage you to do what you’re passionate about and surround yourself with people who are supportive, encouraging, and doing BIG things! However, also remember to be gentle with yourself, if you “stumble” a little, as I was to myself, when I moved, and didn’t publish a blog that month. Don’t let that “stumble” become a permanent halt! Brush yourself off and get back on the horse. Lastly, if you are waiting for everything to be just right or is hesitant, just do it! The longer you procrastinate, the higher your chances of you not doing it or someone else doing it! See you (and your success) in 2019!

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